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News & Media Releases

Current or topical items related to our ongoing campaigns.

Cradle Mountain Master Plan

In its haste to get work started on new facilities at Cradle Mountain, the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service is minimising public scrutiny and allowing some of the tourism industry’s inappropriate ideas.

  • Munro Cabin under construction, Three Capes Track. Photo: Nick Sawyer

Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania

The Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania (PMAT) is a new alliance of community groups from across Tasmania united with a common concern over the weakening of the state’s planning rules.

  • Prion Beach & New River Lagoon, the potential site of a commercial hut development on the South Coast, Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Photo: Grant Dixon

EoIs & the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area

Normally, no news is good news but, in this case, it’s because all deliberations on proposed developments are being conducted behind closed doors, thanks to the Tasmanian Government’s secretive Expressions of Interest (EoI) process.

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Our Newsletter

Our newsletter is published twice a year. It aims to provide informative articles on issues related to national parks and other reserves, as well as updates on our activities and campaigns. Below are links to recent issues.

  • Giblin River bushfire, southwest Tasmania, Jan 2013. Fire started by lightning. Note that the fire has largely burned buttongrass but in places has burned right up onto the mountain range. Photo: Adrian Pyrke

Newsletter No 22 – Summer 2016

Many of the articles in this edition of our newsletter indicate the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service is being prevented from carrying out its core responsibilities.

  • Frenchmans Cap National Park, Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Photo: Chris Bell

Newsletter No 21 – Winter 2015

The draft Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Management Plan received more than 7600 submissions, revealing a remarkable level of public concern. The majority were very critical.

  • Douglas Aspley National Park. Photo: John Sampson

Newsletter No 20 – Summer 2015

Alarm bells have been ringing even more loudly for Tasmania’s reserved lands and, in particular, for its Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Reports & Submissions

We make formal and informal representations on a range of issues concerning national park and reserve management and also prepare periodic reports on related subjects. Below are links to some recent reports and submissions.

  • The distinctive Frenchmans Cap, Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Photo: Grant Dixon

Lake Tahune Hut Development Application 2016

The proposed replacement hut at Lake Tahune is merely one component of a creeping upgrade of facilities at Frenchmans Cap being undertaken to date without any meaningful consultation with stakeholders.

  • Cooks Beach, Freycinet National Park. Photo: Grant Dixon

Freycinet National Park Draft Management Plan 2015

The government’s determination to facilitate private development within a national park with the absolute minimum of public involvement demonstrates its contempt for both the values of the national park and the concept of management planning.

The Tasmanian National Parks Association offers an independent voice for Tasmania’s national parks and reserves, to ensure they are managed for the conservation of the values for which they were proclaimed.