It is possible that the marketing will win out and the Three Capes Track will become a popular iconic walking experience but a more probable future involves:

  • The majority of walkers accessing Cape Pillar by the old direct track from Fortescue Bay and camping.
  • PWS will eventually withdraw from subsidising its unprofitable commercial walking operation and the hut complexes will be leased to a bona fide commercial operator.
  • Visitors seeking a longer walk will continue north from Fortescue to Waterfall Bay using the scenic coastal track constructed by the Hobart Walking Club decades ago.
  • Cape Raoul will remain a short, easy day walk separate from the walks east of Port Arthur; and
  • A government committee will inquire into how so much money came to be spent on such a poorly researched project with no proper business plan.
Three Capes & Cape Pillar. Photo: Rob Blakers

Three Capes & Cape Pillar. Photo: Rob Blakers

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