It is widely acknowledged that Freycinet Peninsula is struggling with the impact of too many visitors. While the Draft Freycinet Master Plan (DFMP) looks at a variety of ways to manage increased visitor numbers, this is not just a crowding issue, the natural and cultural values of the Freycinet National Park will inevitably be further impacted by any increase in numbers.

Planning should start with consideration of the experience to be provided for visitors and the options available to achieve this. Serious consideration must be given to options beyond simply upgrading infrastructure to cope with ever increasing visitor numbers.

We have no problem with the preparation of a separate planning document (such as the DFMP) to deal with issues (such as the proposed shuttle bus) which straddle the national park boundary but are concerned that this may be the start of a trend to replace statutory management plans with other documents which are not legally enforceable and not subject to prescribed standards for public input.

The Hazards, Freycinet National Park. Photo: Grant Dixon

The Hazards, Freycinet National Park. Photo: Grant Dixon

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