Manifesto for Tasmanian State Election 2021

In the lead-up to the forthcoming 2021 state election, we have prepared an Election Manifesto listing our major concerns with government policy and practice.

Our overriding concern, as always, is to preserve the integrity of Tasmania’s existing national parks and reserves to protect their natural and cultural values and maintain an appropriate experience of wild nature for all visitors.

Our most urgent concern is the absence of a satisfactory process to control developments on reserved land. Neither PWS’s internal process for environmental and social impact assessment nor the EOI process for tourism developments in parks and reserves provide for adequate public scrutiny or appeal rights.

The inadequate reservation status of many reserves in the TWWHA, and other reserved land, is also a significant concern, as is the resourcing of the Parks and Wildlife Service and its capacity to manage the Tasmanian reserve estate.

Download our full 2021 Election Manifesto for more detail on the above and several other issues.

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