Attorney-General intervenes in Malbena Appeal

“The Attorney-General, Elise Archer MP, has intervened in the Lake Malbena appeal to argue that the Land Use and Planning Approvals Act (LUPAA) does not apply to reserved land covered by a management plan,” said Tom Allen, acting Campaign Manager, Wilderness Society Tasmania.

“At the same time, the Director of Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service is seeking to join the appeal to argue against the Central Highlands Council’s refusal of a planning permit.

“‘Due process’ has become the mantra of Tasmania’s Parks and Tourism Minister Will Hodgman but the EOI process has been anything but open and transparent.  Mr Hodgman has said that these developments will go through the permit application process and now the Attorney-General is arguing that there is no need for a permit.  It’s a reversal of that position.”

The Wilderness Society and Tasmanian National Parks Association (TNPA) have joined the appeal to defend the Central Highlands Council’s refusal of the Lake Malbena helicopter accessed tourism development.

“There’s a better way to do sustainable tourism than this and anyone wishing to help us win our legal fight to defend World Heritage wilderness can donate at” said Nick Sawyer, President, TNPA.

“A good thing to come out of today is that we were able to stick to the hearing dates of 24 to 28 June, where the fate of the Lake Malbena proposal will be decided through an independent assessment process.  We are working now on preparing for hearing.”

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