Planning & development issues

Poor planning and inappropriate development in Tasmania’s national parks and reserves is not restricted to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

We have campaigned on a wide range of protected area management issues since our formation in 2001.

They include concerns regarding the management of many of our better-known parks, including Freycinet and Tasman National Parks (the latter including a range of concerns around the Three Capes Track) as well as on Hobart’s kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

Painted Cliffs, Maria Island National Park. Photo: Grant Dixon

Painted Cliffs, Maria Island National Park. Photo: Grant Dixon

Park management advocacy

  • kunanyi/Mt Wellington and Hobart city. Photo: Grant Dixon

kunanyi/Mt Wellington

Development and management issues associated with Hobart's dramatic natural backdrop.

Three Capes Track

This was the largest single development ever constructed within a national park in Tasmania. The style of development, planning process, environmental impact and the scale of construction all left much to be desired.

  • Leatherwood. Photo: Grant Dixon

Other park & reserve management issues

Conservation reserves total some 42% of the state's land area but many are not secure from various threats, and there are a wide range of other management and development issues of concern.

“If we are going to preserve the greatness of our national parks they must be held inviolate. They represent the last stand of the primitive. If we are going to whittle away at them we should recognise from the very beginning that all such whittlings are cumulative, and that the end result will be mediocrity. Greatness will be gone.”

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