Wild Heart of Tasmania; a new book by Greg French

Wild Heart of Tasmania is a collection of stories about Tasmania’s Western Lakes wilderness, centred around Lake Malbena, the location of a controversial proposed heli-tourism development (see here for a campaign backgrounder). Written by nature writer and fishing guide Greg French, it is an inspirational tale for those who love wild places and wild life, and a cautionary one for those who believe Australia’s national parks to be well protected and its democracy sacrosanct.

In addition to chronicling tales of the legendary figures most closely associated with the formation of the Walls of Jerusalem National Park and Central Plateau Conservation Area, Greg French is in a unique position to reveal the true story behind the privatisation of Lake Malbena. After all, he was once a close friend of the developer.

The Tasmanian National Parks Association, Wilderness Society, Fishers and Walkers, and a number of individuals have fought a long and expensive campaign to have the lake returned to the public and the right of public access restored. So far we have won all court cases, but the developer is pressing ahead.

Wild Heart’s author Greg French and publisher Affirm Press are donating 400 copies of the book as a fundraiser for the ongoing Malbena campaign. By pre ordering Wild Heart from Greg’s website, you can be sure that the full RRP of $39.99 (less GST) will go to campaign funds.

Click below to pre-order a copy of Greg French’s hard cover, 438 page book, Wild Heart of Tasmania. You can receive it before the official launch date in early August.

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