Lack of planning oversight

Ever increasing visitor numbers and lobbying from commercial operators for increased access are putting additional pressure on Tasmania’s national parks and reserves. The Tasmanian Government’s response is not to rigorously plan to ensure their protection but to ‘unlock’ these areas by weakening planning controls and reducing opportunities for public involvement in planning decisions.

Planning issues

Tourism & development proposals

Lake Malbena

Waterfall Valley, Cradle Mountain - Lk S Clair National Park. Photo: Gaant Dixon

Waterfall Valley, Cradle Mountain – Lk St Clair National Park. Photo: Grant Dixon

“If we can revise our attitudes towards the land under our feet; if we can accept a role of steward and depart from the role of conqueror; if we can accept the view that man and nature are inseparable parts of the unified whole – then Tasmania can be a shining beacon in a dull, uniform and largely artificial world.”

OLEGAS TRUCHANAS (1923 - 1971)