Proposed new walker infrastructure for Walls of Jerusalem

The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) has recently called for public comment on a Reserve Activity Assessment (RAA) for the construction of several public infrastructure proposals for walkers within the Walls of Jerusalem. The three key proposals are:

  • Construction of a major new campsite with tent platforms and toilets located around 300m south-east of Dixons Kingdom hut to replace the current camping in this area.
  • Consolidation of the multiple braided ‘tracks’ down Jaffa Vale from Dixons Kingdom to Lake Ball into a single hardened track.
  • Additional capacity (tent platforms) at Wild Dog Creek campsite.

The proposals are consistent with the 2013 Recreation Zone Plan (RZP) for the area, and the TNPA supports most of them albeit with some caveats. A more fundamental concern is that the proposals implement only selected components of the package of related recommendations of the RZP – all infrastructure based – while PWS shows no sign of acknowledging or addressing the crucial other component – managing visitor numbers.

Update February 11th, 2020. We have now made a formal submission which can be downloaded below.

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