The state government recently called for comment on their proposal to reserve part of the Crown Land Future Potential Production Forest Land (FPPFL) within the boundary of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA). They stated that only the lower level reserve classes of Regional Reserve or Conservation Area are being considered in almost all cases.

We consider that a review of the tenure of all land other than national parks within the TWWHA is long overdue, and that national park should be the default tenure for a World Heritage Area. Previous major TWWHA boundary extensions have been followed by a rationalisation of the reservation status of land within the TWWHA but nothing has been done to rationalise the large number of small reserves and some other tenures incorporated into the TWWHA in 2013.

Great Western Tiers. Photo: Rob Blakers

The Tasmanian National Parks Association offers an independent voice for Tasmania’s national parks and reserves, to ensure they are managed for the conservation of the values for which they were proclaimed.