Keep the Capes wild!


The Tasmanian Government proposed to develop a Three Capes Walk within Tasman National Park in 2007. The style of development proposed, subsequent planning, environmental impact and the scale of construction all left much to be desired.

The track is the largest single development ever constructed within a national park in Tasmania. It was opened in 2015 with three PWS-operated “hut complexes” and construction of two additional “hut complexes” by a commercial operator commenced in 2017.

The lack of consideration of low key alternatives that may have provided more community benefits for less cost, and the environmental impacts of the development itself (in previously-remote parts of a national park), have been particular concerns of the Tasmanian National Parks Association.

Cape Pillar, a destination of the Three Capes Track, Tasman National Park. Photo: Grant Dixon

The Tasmanian National Parks Association offers an independent voice for Tasmania’s national parks and reserves, to ensure they are managed for the conservation of the values for which they were proclaimed.